external preparation of varicose

The cream of varicose veins may include the following active ingredients: extracts of chestnut, hazelnut, heparin, horsetail, oak bark, calendula, ginkgo biloba, troxerutin.Chestnut extract is one of the most effective components that make up the local products from varicose veins.He has a powerful effect venotonic.

Heparin has anti-edematous effect, improves blood circulation, facilitates blood flow, promotes the resorption of blood clots.Horsetail helps to strengthen the vascular wall, making it supple and elastic, promotes metabolism of connective tissue.Ginkgo biloba improves the blood circulation, oak bark has anti-inflammatory action.Troxerutin reduces pain, inflammation and swelling.

part of some assets include hirudin - substance extracted from the saliva of leeches.It constricts blood vessels, thins the blood and reduces its clotting.On the basis of the hirudin produced cream "Sophia."The most effective external preparation of varicose veins are: "Detraleks", "Troxevasin", "Venoruton", "Antistax", "Venitan", "Venorm", "Vienna".Pregnant women often prescribe drugs based troksevazin and heparin (eg "Venoruton").

How to use the cream from varicose

Cream "Venitan" contains horse chestnut extract.It must be thin for patients 2-3 portions a day.Course application is 8 weeks.Cream "Troxevasin" vitamin P is used 2 times a day for 4-6 weeks.Gel "Antistax" on the basis of an extract of red vine leaves used in the morning and evening.The course of treatment - 6-12 weeks.Cream "Ginkor" containing ginkgo biloba and troxerutin, using 2-4 p.daily for 2-3 weeks.

classic preparation is a cream for varicose "Heparin", its active ingredient is readily absorbed into the blood, reducing its clotting and prevents platelets from sticking together.Tool helps dissolve existing clots, and prevents new ones.The cream is applied 1-3 times per day.The first positive results appear after 2 weeks.

heparin preparations contain "Lioton", "Trombofob", "Venolayf."The structure of "Venolayfa" but heparin include troxerutin and provitamin B5.The tool removes the swollen phenomenon, improves skin tone and restoring damaged areas veins.It must be applied 2-3 times a day for 2-3 weeks.Medical studies have shown that the best effect is a combination of cream of varicose veins with wearing medical compression hosiery.