Ointment "Clotrimazole" thrush should be applied with a thin layer into the vagina once a day for three days.If you have chronic candidiasis, the drug should be used three times a day.Before the application is necessary to hygiene.Ointment should be rubbed gently in a circular motion.Approximate dose - 5, the duration of treatment of chronic yeast determined by the physician.During treatment should abandon sexual intercourse.At the same time must be treated with ointment partner.For the drug therapy is applied twice a day on the prepuce and the glans penis.The duration of treatment is 7 days.
If symptoms of irritation or hypersensitivity treatment ceased.If after a course of treatment effect does not occur, you should confirm the diagnosis.The drug causes side effects such as burning sensation, itching, sw
elling, scaling, irritation, and allergic reactions.An overdose of the drug when applied topically is unlikely.Doctors are allowed to use the drug during the II and III trimester of pregnancy and with caution during lactation.Ointment is contraindicated in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and hypersensitivity to clotrimazole and excipients of the drug.
¬ęclotrimazole" as prescribed for fungal skin diseases, athlete's foot and skin folds.Ointment effectively treats chromophytosis superficial candidiasis, erythrasma and fungal infections, complicated by secondary pyoderma.The drug is recommended for diseases caused by yeast, molds, and dermatophytes pathogens.Do not apply ointment to the skin around the eyes.
Efficiency "Clotrimazole" reduce drugs on the basis of Nystatin, Natamycin and Amphotericin.When using with other drugs ointment healing properties are not lost.For the treatment of Candida balanitis and vulvitis used only 1% "Clotrimazole".From pharmacy drug available without prescription.Additional product produced in such dosage forms as cream, powder, solution, capsules, pills and vaginal spray.
Patients who used to treat their ailments cream "Clotrimazole" noted for its low cost, availability and efficiency.They also complain of too long a course of treatment, the specific smell of ointment and poor absorption of the drug.