Vitamin C is poorly absorbed by smoking.Therefore, a person with nicotine dependence, it is necessary in the diet to increase the amount of the trace element.Usually, doctors recommend taking a special course of vitamins, which are suitable for smokers.
Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels.Studies suggest that regular use of antioxidant, reduces the likelihood of myocardial infarction.Think about how to enrich your diet, including the necessary elements.
Eat as many fruits and vegetables.They are a natural source of vitamin C. Most citrus fruits are rich in them.But abuse is not worth it to not cause an allergic reaction.One or two oranges a day or
half a lemon is enough to make up for the daily rate.
Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) and contraceptives interfere with digestibility of vitamin C. At their reception you need to think about how to balance the supply of necessary substances in the body.Drinking example, ascorbic acid - it is a good source of vitamin above.
When cooking or other thermal treatment of vitamin C is destroyed.Vegetables such as broccoli and red bell peppers, containing a large amount of the substance in the preparation in hot conditions, losing a lot of vitamins.Try to eat as much as possible of fresh vegetables and heat them no more than 40 degrees.
Drink freshly squeezed juices.In a glass of orange juice contains vitamin C 2 times the daily rate for the average person.An overdose will not come, should not be afraid.
Vitamin C is better absorbed in conjunction with vitamin E. You can choose foods rich in these micronutrients or a course of tablets, which contain these substances.In any pharmacy you will prompt what medications vitamins opt for the best compatibility.
use of vitamin C in sufficient quantities is good for the skin, prevents dryness and premature aging.Therefore, you can use creams with vitamin C. Your skin will be glad.