Modern drugs are able to stop a painful attack just a few minutes, and their use does not carry health risks, since they have a minimum of side effects.
«have" - ​​one of the best products on the basis of ibuprofen that stops headaches.A tablet for several minutes after administration dissolves in the stomach, and after 10 minutes the therapeutic concentration is reached, i.e.passes headache.This drug is effective for 5-8 hours.
«Spazmalgon" - a combination analgesic with a pronounced spasmolytic myotropic activity.The drug causes a decrease in tone and relaxes the smooth muscles, which helps to eliminate pain.Advantages of the drug - a sustained powerful action and variability under different pains.But, unfortunately, it has numerous side effects and contraindications.Not recommended for more than 6
tablets per day.
«Citramon" - a powerful analgesic that contains in its composition aspirin and caffeine, so has analgesic effect, eliminates drowsiness and stimulates physical and mental activity.In order to stop a headache, it is enough to take one pill of this drug.
«Pentalgin" - the drug, which has sedative, antispasmodic and mioreleksicheskoy activity.Effectively removes moderately severe pain.The action lasts up to 4 hours.The maximum daily dose - 4 tablets per day.
«Tempalgin" - relieves the pain of any etiology, including neurological and migraine.This drug is very effective against headaches, providing long-term effect.Do not use for a long time.Daily rate - 6 tablets.
«Faspik" - contains in its composition of ibuprofen, which is great struggles with pain due to analgesic action.Effect of the drug develops within 10-30 minutes after taking the pill.Considered safer drug, compared with other analgesics, so it can be applied to children after two years.
«Nurofen" - a safe and effective drug that Plus enhances immunity.This drug is fast and excellent analgesic, saving you from unpleasant headache, and also has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic.It absorbed into the body for 30-40 minutes and is effective for 5-6 hours.Can be used for children.