insisting propolis, you need to take the dishes out of dark glass and pour 70 ° alcohol, and then close the cap well and let stand at room temperature for about ten days.You also need 3-4 times a day to shake the tincture.After the expiry of extracts, tincture placed in a refrigerator for twelve hours, and then filtered.

That will have a clear liquid with a pleasant odor.It tastes very bitter and in contact with the language has an anesthetic effect.

70% ethyl alcohol is best suited as ekstragena.It does not allow the wax to dissolve.Wax is a ballast material in an alcohol tincture.Propolis extragenic 1:

10, has about five percent of the active ingredients.If the ratio is increased, for example, 2:10 and 3:10, the tincture contains 9-10% and 15-17% of active substances.To accurately determine the concentration of propolis in the solution to miss the liquid through the filter, and then drained into a graduated cylinder.Then simply weigh the dry residue.

To prepare low concentration of propolis, the filter is necessary to add alcohol to achieve the desired ratio.

If you want to speed up the extraction of active ingredients, give the liquid to stand twenty-four hours, and then heated, cooled, are giving to stand in a refrigerator at 8-10 ° 10-12 hr. And do the filtering.

All pharmaceuticals clearly established number of active substances.Propolis tincture is not exactly certain content, it varies considerably.Cooking alcoholic extract can be 30 ° or 40 ° alcohol, but the fortress it will be ineffective.For good efficiency need to use alcohol of 70 and 90 degrees.Therefore, if you are prepared alcoholic extract of 30 or 40 degree alcohol, better increase the dose by half, the effect will be greater.

alcohol tincture of propolis is better to prepare in advance different.These infusions are a good basis for the preparation of various compounds and drugs with propolis.