Indications "Ascorutinum»

capillary permeability is enhanced in many diseases.It is infectious and viral diseases: measles, scarlet fever, dysentery, hemorrhagic fever, SARS, influenza."Ascorutin" shows and bacterial endocarditis, hypertension, sciatica, glomerulonephritis, allergies, hemorrhagic diathesis.

strongly affects the capillaries of varicose veins.Especially at the stage it when there is significant swelling, sores or produced severe venous insufficiency occurs."Ascorutin" strengthens the walls of affected vessels, reduces inflammation and prevents the formation of blood clots.

This product is not intended for emergency stop internal bleeding, but it helps to
eliminate their underlying causes - the weakness of the vessels.Therefore, effective in treatment of nasal, parodontoznyh, intestinal, hemorrhoidal bleeding.

If menstruation is too abundant, long lasting, too, needs "Ascorutin."But it should be taken only after the conclusion of the gynecologist.When excessive menstrual bleeding due to hormonal imbalance, a "Ascorutinum" is not enough - need hormones.

There disease, especially unpleasant for women: rosacea.The capillaries expand and show through on the face.Cheeks, nose, and sometimes the forehead, chin covered by a grid of red blood vessels.In this case, "Ascorutin" is taken orally and topically treated skin, such as a lotion-tonic with calendula, which tightens pores and capillaries.

«Ascorutin" recommended for the treatment of drugs that irritate the stomach lining, especially aspirin.It is also useful if the poor blood clotting, long time to heal the wounds, disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, the immune system is weakened.

Ophthalmologists prescribe "Ascorutin" people with retinal dystrophy.The drug, strengthening the capillaries of the eyeball, improves nutrition and helps prevent bleeding in the retina, which is threatened with blindness.

Babies can be given "Ascorutin" three years.His technique is especially recommended when a flu epidemic begins.The product strengthens the immune system of the child's body.It is proved that if children take "Ascorutin" then get influenza three times less.


«Ascorutin" - a combination of the two vitamins: C and E, taken in equal proportions, 50 mg.Ascorbic acid - one of the most important vitamins, which regulates all metabolic processes, a powerful antioxidant.Vitamin P or routines (Rutoside) - bioflavonoid, mainly protects capillaries and veins.

«Ascorutin" should be taken after eating, swallowing the tablet whole.If you chew them, ascorbic acid will destroy tooth enamel.You can not drink mineral water pills, partly because it neutralizes askorbinku.

There analogue "Ascorutinum" - "Profilaktin C".It has the same composition, but other proportions: vitamin C twice, and vitamin P halved.This, as its name suggests, a preventive drug for the treatment he is weak, there was little routine.

Side effects

very rarely due to hypersensitivity to the ingredients' Ascorutinum "appear nausea, pain in the stomach, intestinal cramps, diarrhea.Sometimes allergic reactions, high blood pressure, insomnia.

Long-term use "Ascorutinum" or larger doses may form stones.In addition, the drug can threaten the pregnancy, so it is impossible to use in the first trimester.

«Ascorutin" is contraindicated in increased blood clotting, thrombophlebitis, kidney stones and bladder, gout, diabetes.