Vitamins to be taken by pregnant

Gynecologists primarily all expectant mothers prescribed folic acid, or vitamin B9.It is a water-soluble element that must be ingested with food.Its main sources are: spinach, cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, citrus fruits, strawberries, beans, carrots and beets.

It would seem that such an extensive list, but some, especially pregnant women, very strongly feel a lack of folic acid.Because healthy people are now small, and absorption of this element lower gastrointestinal disease.And the greens - it is a seasonal product, which in winter can be sorely missed on the table.

Vitamin B9 is responsible for the correct tab of the nervous system of the fetus, therefore folic acid should come in sufficient quantities in a particularly critical period - 3-6 weeks of
pregnancy.At this time, there is a bookmark all the organs of the child.Folic acid deficiency during this time might lead to abnormalities of the nervous system of the fetus.The best would be if a woman planning a pregnancy and pre-start to take vitamin B9.

addition of folic acid in the first days of pregnancy should start taking vitamin E. It helps prevent the risk of miscarriage, placental abruption profilaktiruet, and is also involved in the formation of the respiratory system of the fetus, improves the supply of oxygen to the fetus.By taking vitamin E in pregnant normal hormonal, adjusted lactation, improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.

trace elements that are essential to pregnant

Often doctors once prescribed to women who are pregnant or iodine.The most common is "Jodomarin."Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can adversely affect the brain development of the fetus.In the early stages of a lack of trace elements can contribute to miscarriage.Iodine contributes to the formation of immunity the pregnant woman, which is very important in this period, when the body is vulnerable to all infections, and treat many drugs simply is contraindicated.

course, iodine-containing drugs are prescribed only after hormonal examination of women, under the constant supervision of a physician.Self-acceptance of such tablets is better not to start.After all, only an expert can select the optimal dose and duration of use.