Tip 1: How to measure eye pressure

As the eyeball and eye pressure can be determined a number of diseases that can occur in humans over a lifetime.For example, increased intracranial pressure, approaching blindness, glaucoma.And that could be just in time to capture the disease need to be able to measure eye pressure .
to the optical properties of the eye were normal, ocular pressure be different consistency.Complexity determining pressure increase in that it does not manifest itself.And so imperceptibly glaucoma may occur.That in turn (about 30%) can lead to total blindness.Heaviness in the eyes, rapid fatigue and fatigue may indicate a slight increase in eye pressure.In the case of such symptoms as early as possible is necessary to see a specialist - ophthalmologist.He will examine and prescribe treatment.
How to measure the eye
order to notice changes in your body, you need to periodically measure eye pressure .This procedure is not pleasant, but necessary.Plus, it is that it is absolutely painless.Pass it this way: the pa
tient looks down, closing his eyes for centuries.The doctor is in front of the patient, and the index finger of his left hand gently pushes the upper eyelid of the right eye and the right index finger on the upper eyelid of the left eye.Thus, the doctor can determine how thick a particular eye.And this, in turn, gives the doctor an idea of ​​eye pressure.
How to measure the eye
Another way to measure the intraocular pressure, by the way, more accurate than palpation.It is held with the help of special devices-weights - blood pressure monitors.During this study, the patient lies.The doctor makes a local anesthetic, then place the tonometer on the center of the cornea.The measurement result is determined by the area of ​​contact with the cornea of ​​the eye.The more pressure, the smaller the cornea is pressed.On average, the ideal ocular pressure m is considered to be 22 mm Hg
If carefully monitor their health, then a lot of trouble can be avoided.And even more so easy to visit an ophthalmologist every six months and to measure eye pressure .
How to measure the eye

Tip 2: How to measure by eye

Measure to face possible by means of an eye estimation - a person's ability to estimate distances to objects or their size without the aid of instruments.This feature is developed with the help of special exercises or practice, measurements can be performed in several ways.
How to measure by eye
If you need to measure the distance to a moving object, then use the tactic of closing his eyes.Take, for example, a person who is on the opposite bank of the river.
To find the distance to a moving pedestrian, pull the arm in the direction of the traveler and center view of the right eye at the end of the index finger, while the person is not close to them.
At this moment, close your right eye and left open.The traveler in this supposedly bounce back.
Now count how many steps make a pedestrian before aligned with your finger.
distance to the traveler who is on the opposite bank, computed from proprtsii: D / P = L / D, where D - the title that you want to calculate in steps II - distance, which was a pedestrian,(even if it is for example, is equal to 18 steps), L - the distance from the end of the arm to the eyes, it is on average equal to 60 cm, D - the distance between the pupils, it is on average equal to 6 cm. From the formula it follows that D = P xL / D. The result: A = 18 x 60/6 = 180.
Knowing that one step is approximately 0.75 m, calculate the distance in meters: 180 x 0.75 =135 m. This distance traveler was on the opposite bank of the river.
If you need to determine the distance of unmoving objects, apply the tactics of grass.Take, for example, the river, the width of which you need to determine.
To start, click on the opposite bank of the river two visible objects that are as close to the water.
Stand on the edge of the beach, take a blade of grass in both hands and stretch your arms in front of him, one eye at the same time close.
Fold a piece of grass in half and start to move away from the coast until such time as the distance between the two objects vybroannymi closes a blade of grass.
Now measure the distance at which you had to move away from the start of the beach, and you get the width of the river.
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