happened if such an unpleasant situation, and your spouse died down somewhat in sexual terms, is primarily to draw attention to the cause.This may not always be physical, but also psychological factors.Stress, anxiety, inner doubt play a huge role.It is important not to put pressure on the man, and if he does not want you to participate in correcting the problem, do not try to impose their assistance.You can still help hidden.

First, try to create a favorable emotional background.Speak kind words longer, require less.Try to use the life-affirming words in the speech.In the old days, and still is, that the plots are used.In fact, in modern psychology uses the same techniques themselves, the use of "magic words" for programming the subconscious and preconscious.Eat sp

eech words like "big", "big", "strong", "live", "active", "solid", etc.Negated by the use of diminutive words, get rid of negativity.Fill the housing with light, clean, fresh air.It is also important, and your appearance and mood.Certainly it is possible to think that since he can not, then why should I change it myself.However, such plants do not lead to any positive results.

course, correct and balanced diet will speed up the sexual healing.Important presence in the diet of all the necessary vitamins.In addition, there are special foods that will help your partner to strengthen its virility.Broth from fireweed (also known as willow-herb) or mate tea is very beneficial to the hormonal Stroe men selderey work fine, as well as walnuts and honey.Try to include in rayion fish and seafood.Also, the positive effect of providing eggs and meat, but with these products, it is important not to overdo it.

important to improve pipe circulation of blood.This can be achieved increasing the number of water drunk.Generally beneficial water treatments and athletics.Jogging and yoga can yield wonderful results.And before going to sleep, try to make your man a massage.Pay attention to the sacrum, below the belt.Rub the back of the sacrum to the upper back.Knead the shoulders.

This combination of positive attitudes, physical therapy, and a balanced diet will soon be returned to your friend in a sex operation.