Select time.In order to emerge from binge yourself, take at least a day.Advance purchase drugs such as "activated carbon", "Essentiale Forte", "Valocordin" and "Mezim" if there are problems with the stomach.In addition, please be lemon, jam, honey, mineral water, cabbage or cucumber brine, kvass, yogurt, apple juice, milk.Prepare a broth of beef or lamb.
Start procedure on the eve of a long day.In the morning, drink 1.5 liters of liquid (milk, mineral water, pickle, juice, yogurt) and take 1 capsule "Essentiale Forte", 2 tablets "activated carbon" and 20 drops "valokordin."Then eat soup with bread.You can also t
ake a contrast shower.Now relax.After 5 hours, take another 2 capsules "Essentiale Forte" and 2 tablets of coal.If the heart does not bother you, "Valocordin" you can not drink it.Again, eat soup and drink tea with lemon and honey.Rest or engaged in pleasant things (watch TV, read a book).
evening take drugs in the same amounts as in the afternoon, eat.But do not load up the blade - Take care of the liver.Then wait a little longer in the shower and then go to bed.The next day, get up early and take a "Essentiale" coal and 1 tablet.On this day, try to move more.Also continue to consume large quantities of liquid and take the medicine according to the scheme described above.
Use the "Ammonia".To use it to get out of binge need 2-3 days.Dissolve in a glass of water at room temperature, two drops of medicine.Then, mix thoroughly and drink.It is advisable to do this before eating, lest indigestion.
Download chores themselves.After all, not to think about alcohol helps many people heavily loaded, for example at work.If you are on vacation or do not work at all, ask relatives to help.Thus, having plunged into the affairs and concerns, you will be distracted from the fact that reminds about alcohol.
Shake your body, raise your adrenaline, diverting more vivid emotions.For example, do some extreme sports.But if health does not allow or are there still any reason for which you can not afford it - jump with a parachute or ride the rides.Adrenaline will block all the negative emotions and hard feelings.
resort to the help of medications, such as "valerian extract."In high doses, this drug is able to pull off the booze.Is dissolved in water droplets and tightly eat after drug administration.Also can help and "Aspirin".In addition, pay attention to the effervescent tablets from a hangover, which are sold in pharmacies without a prescription.Do not forget about vitamins and "activated carbon."
Try to get out binge using mint and abundant drinking.Buy peppermint tincture, mix 20 drops to 1 cup istoy drinking water and take several times a day.In general, when you need to drink plenty of hangovers.Eat juices, which have a sour taste.
If you stop drinking on their own hard register on the discussion forums.There you will find people willing to give up alcohol.They support one another and share tips.These people are going through the same emotions and feelings as you.That is why to stop drinking alcohol in the company easier than alone.Such contact, at times, makes a much better variety of medicines.
Call your doctor at home.Nowadays, many private clinics serve patients at home.What good is this method?In the first place that will help you to qualified professionals, to assess the overall condition of the body with the help of special equipment.Also, health workers will appoint you to appropriate treatment, the dose of essential drugs and warned of possible side effects.