Neuroscientists say the human brain biocurrents conformity and musical works of Mozart.Musical works not only a favorable effect on the emotional state of a person and harmonious, but also able to mobilize the potential of the human brain.

neurologist John Hughes (USA) showed that the strongest response in the brain should cause a sequence of waves, repeated e

very 20-30 seconds.Among the hundreds of music works by Mozart, Chopin, and 55 other composers, from Mozart's music is the volume fluctuations with the frequency closest to 30 seconds, repeated more often than the rest.

essence of Mozart effect that listening to his musical creations, people have significantly increased brain activity.This is a consequence of the wave of reaction and the emergence of more neural connections needed for learning new information.

development of memory and thinking established scientists tested the students, answering IQ-test.After listening to the works of the great composer, they had a much higher rate, 15-20% lower than other groups working without musical accompaniment.

Doctors use the classical music of Mozart (30 minutes, 2 times a week) for newborn babies, helping them to music therapy for full development.

Neurologist Fran Roche Research told the world that even Alzheimer's disease improve their mental skills at regular listening to Mozart's sonatas.Israeli Prime Minister declared during his treatment of "Mozart effect" as "the kings of modern medicine."

Well, you say, only one question: how much to listen to music, to "Mozart effect" work?

popular actor Gerard Depardieu stuttered and musical treatment every day for two hours listening to Mozart in a few months solved the problem.

To achieve the therapeutic effect of music therapy should be.regular.After numerous studies confirm that the rhythms, melodies and high-frequency music of Mozart stimulate the creative areas of the brain and help you demonstrate a marked increase in intelligence.

To check on a "Mozart effect", download music from any networked source.Music mp3 free available to any Internet user.