you need
  • - identification document;
  • - SNILS (if any);
  • - residence permit (if necessary).
Those who want to get the policy should follow the procedures prescribed by the rules of compulsory medical insurance.According to Article 46 of the Federal Law "On Mandatory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation", adopted in autumn 2010, for the polis citizen must either personally or through any authorized person to apply for the choice of the future of the insurance company to the insurance medical organization, and if it is absent, the territorial fund.
When an insurance company or territorial fund will receive a statement after a while will give either by hand, or the representative of the insured person's medical insurance policy (if i
t is not ready, instead, will receive a temporary certificate).
The annex to the order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Minister said that to apply for selecting or changing health insurance companies citizen should attach certain documents (certified copies).They are required to be registered as an insured person.By the way, a complete list of such documents will depend on the person's age, social status, the presence of Russian citizenship and many other factors.For example, the insurance of children from birth to 14 years of age who are citizens of the Russian Federation, will need to submit evidence of their birth and identity document of the representative, and SNILS (if any).
Russian citizens aged 14 years and older need a proof of identity (approach and a temporary ID card, which is issued in the period of registration of a new passport).If there is, you can apply and SNILS.
foreigners who permanently reside on the territory of Russia, must present a passport of a foreign citizen, as well as any other document that is recognized by an international treaty of the Russian Federation.In addition, you must attach to the application and residence permit.
Persons who may rely on the aid of the law "On Refugees", must file their refugee certificate or a certificate of application for recognition as a refugee.