Hormones must be constantly maintained in a normal state, for that there are several ways.But before you start to use them, make sure that the level of progesterone actually dropped, because you noticed symptoms may be caused by different reasons.To do this, turn in a special blood test for hormones, the direction of your doctor can prescribe from the antenatal clinic or district hospital.
Assist special medication drugs that increase the level of hormones and artificial progesterone tablets.All drugs in this group have side effects, the most unpleasant of which - a negative effect on the liver and increased clotting capable lead to blood clots
.Therefore, taking these drugs should be prescribed by a doctor only in strict accordance with the specified dosage.
There are natural ways to increase progesterone levels.First you must adjust its power so as to provide a sufficient amount of calories.Begin to eat more meat, poultry, eggs, black and red caviar, fatty dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream.The fact is that progesterone is a steroid hormone, for its production are necessary proteins, carbohydrates and fats, including cholesterol.
on the hormonal sphere of man strongly influenced by stress, constant fatigue, considerable physical and psychological stress.Therefore, to increase the production of hormones by the hypothalamus, it is necessary whenever possible to get rid of the oppressor and irritants, reduce physical activity and try not to be nervous.
There are traditional medicines, promotes the development of progesterone: extract of K. prostrata, cross the meadow, bloodroot goose, infusion of raspberry leaves, lady's mantle, and others.They need to take every day, starting from the second phase of the menstrual cycle (after ovulation).