Pharmacy hydrogen peroxide is designed for outdoor use, as the inscription on the packaging.There are practices in which the vehicle is taken by mouth, but failure to comply with the dosage can lead to sad posledstviyam.Naruzhno peroxide is not only used to clean wounds.You can use it to stop nosebleeds, speed recovery from flu and viral diseases, conduct prevention of tooth decay, to cure stomatitis and mild burns.
Moisten a cotton turunda pharmacy peroxide solution (3%), and enter the nostril from which oozes blood.
Process tonsils hydrogen peroxide with angina.This will speed up recovery.But do not rely on only one peroxide, without antibiotic treatment is still not enou
Gargle with peroxide and mouth with angina, sore throat caused by a viral illness, and stomatitis.
When cleaning the wound from dirt peroxide first treat the skin around it.And only then apply gauze soaked in the same solution directly to the wound.Healing will happen much faster if some time to fix the cloth bandage.
pharmacy Dilute hydrogen peroxide (3%) with water at a ratio of 1: 3.Apply cotton / gauze soaked in this solution burns first and second degree (redness, blisters).Theoretically, it burns more severe may also be treated with hydrogen peroxide, but in the absence of sterility is a risk of infection deep in the wound, so in this case it is better to trust the doctors.
Use antiseptic lotion with hydrogen peroxide in the treatment of skin diseases (boils, eczema, pyoderma, acne vulgaris, etc.), and varicella.Soak a cotton swab peroxide and treat rashes and soak, and surrounding tissues.