What are analogues "Anaferon»

«Anaferon" refers to homeopathic remedies.He was appointed for a quick and effective treatment of influenza, herpes, enterovirus and rotavirus, and other tick-borne encephalitis.The drug stops the spread of viruses and stimulates the immune system."Anaferon" take the scheme means no side effects recorded.His counterparts - "Kagocel", "Ergoferon", "Aflubin" have a similar effect on the body, but these drugs are composed of other active substances.They may have adverse effects on the organism.

«Kagocel" is a means of having a pronounced antiviral effect.The drug also stimulates the production of immune antibodies.This tool is more effective than "Anaferon", it can be used with the enterovirus diseases, in the treatment of urogenital chlamydiosis.Unlike "Anaferon", wh
ich has no side effects when using "Kagocel" may appear allergic reactions.This drug is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating women, should not be given a means to children under 6 years. «Anaferon" has a special release form - tablets with a dosage for children.

relatively new drug for the treatment of viruses and colds is "Ergoferon."It differs from the "Anaferon" active ingredient.The structure of "Ergoferona" includes affinity purified antibodies.Once in the body, they also impede the development of viruses and stimulate immunity.

Other analogues "Anaferon»

analogue of "Anaferon" as is "Aflubin" - a complex homeopathic medication.Its active ingredients are extracts of gentian, aconite, Briony.Means anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, immunomodulatory effects.Most often, "Aflubin" is used for the prevention and treatment of SARS and influenza.Sometimes, instead of "Anaferon" your doctor may prescribe for the same indications "Otsilokoktsinum."This modern homeopathic drug is effective at the first sign of flu and colds.Side effects means not identified. Adverse action "Aflubin" include excessive salivation.

analogue of "Anaferon" - "Viferon" is used in a wide range of diseases (herpes, hepatitis, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, and others.).This drug is produced in the form of suppositories, ointments, sprays.Ointment has no side effects, and suppositories, sprays may in some cases cause hives, itching, which usually tested 3 days after drug withdrawal.