Benefits of valerian tincture

Valeriana officinalis is often used as a sedative, that is, as a mild sedative.Due to this property, tincture at this plant is useful for people with neurological disorders, including those suffering from insomnia.Neuroses, minor disturbance caused by overvoltage and short-term stress - all this can be eliminated by receiving valerian tincture.

During complex receiving the tool copes with the neuroses of the cardiovascular system, helping to relieve spasms of the coronary vessels.In addition, valerian tincture has a spasmolytic action, eliminating spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, bile production accelerating and raising the level of the gastric juic

Benefits tincture of hawthorn

main action of tincture of hawthorn is primarily on the cardiovascular system.The substances included in the fruits of hawthorn blood-red increase the frequency of contractions of the myocardium.Mainly, this affects caffeic acid.

The use of this tool is useful for:

- stabilization of the operating functions of cardiac activity;
- normalization of blood pressure;
- reduce the impact of menopausal symptoms;
- elimination of asthenic-neurotic states, ie neuro-psychological weakening and depression;
- treatment of insomnia in the case of cardiac patients.

Benefits tincture of motherwort

Action tincture motherwort affects the cardiovascular and nervous systems, so the benefits that it provides, similar to the properties of tinctures of valerian and hawthorn.The concentration of the sedative the feedstock, motherwort 2-3 times higher.

greatest efficiency, the tool provides cardiovascular neuroses and hypertension.Widely used it to treat the effects of traumatic brain injury and contusions of the brain.

positive effect of tincture of motherwort:

- ameliorating heart diseases;
- treatment of angina pectoris;
- elimination of infarction, and myocarditis;
- improvement in depression and strong emotional surge.


Despite a marked sedative effect, it is not necessary to use any of the above funds as a panacea for all functional disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular system.Before treatment tinctures valerian, hawthorn and motherwort, you must consult your doctor.