It seems that if the immune system is designed to cope with the disease, it will stimulate a more rapid recovery from colds or flu, and hence the benefits for the whole body.Especially because this is what they say in advertising, which is currently so much on TV.In fact, things are not so simple.Stimulant medications should be taken only in case of a strong decrease in immunity, when he is not able to cope with the disease.A healthy immune system to fight infections on their own, without any help.And to determine whether you have a marked decrease in natural protection, it can only be a professional, therefore, without the tre
ating physician to take any whatever drugs are not worth it, especially as immunostimulants, like other drugs, there are contraindications.

Contraindications to receive immunostimuljatorov

Receiving drugs that stimulate the immune system, not only can not help but also greatly harm the body if there is any autoimmune disease.These include rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo, diabetes, autoimmune hepatitis, pernicious anemia, some forms of asthma and some other diseases. the presence of at least one of these diseases or any other irregularities in the immune adjuvants is strictly prohibited to take, they can cause various complications.

especially careful to relate to drugs of this category when it comes to young children and women during pregnancy.This is due to the fact that the baby autoimmune disease can not yet be revealed, and in women during childbearing high risk of acute and chronic illnesses hidden.

not medicinal adjuvants

There are ways to boost immunity by natural means, without resorting to drugs.They are much more useful to the organism and do not cause side effects.This series of herbs and foods that can spur the immune system. With regard to herbal concoctions nevertheless desirable to consult a doctor, but healthy foods can be consumed daily without any restrictions.

especially useful for immunity onion, garlic cloves, honey, cabbage, beets, radishes, rose, wheat germ.Regularly include these foods in your diet, and it is likely that you do not need immune stimulants.