list of essential drugs should include common tools to assist in a variety of situations, as well as a list of medications you are taking are constantly on the recommendation of doctors.The home medicine cabinet should be kept such first aid as sterile and non-sterile bandages, cotton wool, medical plaster, disposable antibacterial and gauze, hemostatics harness.These tools will help you to help for cuts, burns, injuries, fractures. In addition, it will be useful to have a 10% ammonia solution to quickly revive unconscious person.

There is often stored in the medicine cabinet thermometer, all annotations to the use of medicines, mea
suring cup, mustard, enema syringes, pipettes, and cotton swabs.

you have purchased drugs may not be the most expensive, but not necessarily of good quality and not expired.To avoid fakes buy medicines only in proven pharmacy items, not stores or shopping malls.

bactericidal drugs

The home medicine cabinet must be iodine or brilliant green solution to disinfect small wounds and scratches. When large open skin lesions can be treated by these means only the area around the wound, but not inside it.

In addition, it will be useful to have available a solution furatsillina, hydrogen peroxide, glue BF, powdered potassium permanganate.Get

also an ointment for burns.It not only relieves pain, but also sterilizes the damaged skin.

heart medications

The home medicine cabinet is desirable to keep "just in case" drugs such as "Validol", "Corvalol", "valokardin" and "Nitroglycerin".The heart can suddenly fall ill, even in apparently healthy people, and these drugs are sold without a prescription and can significantly alleviate the patient's condition.

Read the storage of medicines.Some of them can be stored only at a certain temperature and away from direct sunlight.


If you do not happen regularly encountered severe pain, you can restrict antispasmodics such as "No-spa" or "papaverine".Put a first aid kit as "Analgin" or "Ibuprofen" in the event of a sharp tooth or headache.
It is also useful to have a warming gels, and lotions from pain in the joints and lower back.

pain medications in the stomach

not do in the medicine cabinet without activated carbon, which will help with food poisoning.These pills are absolutely safe, and remarkably removed from the body toxins. stocks also drugs "Mezim" and "Festal" from heaviness in the stomach after a heavy meal.

useful to have on hand as drugs, avoid heartburn: such as "Almagel", "Maalox" or "Reni".

Antiallergic drugs

Even if you do not have the propensity to allergic reactions, allergy medicine in the medicine chest does not hurt, because it may suffer from the infantrymen entered you visit friends or relatives.

antipyretic and cough medicines

cold and flu no one is immune, so antipyretics, as well as nasal sprays, medicines for a sore throat, antiviral drugs should be in every medicine cabinet.Their selection is quite wide, may be chosen individually depending on the age and other preferences.