Tip 1: How to give smektu

enterosorbent powerful Being, "Smecta" prescribed for the treatment of diarrhea of ​​any etiology.In addition, it is used for pains caused by gastrointestinal diseases.The drug is usually well tolerated by patients of all ages, so the "Smecta" and a drug of first choice in the above states.
Thanks to its absorbent and protective properties, "Smecta" cleanses the body of toxins and impurities, so it can be used in case of poisoning, rotavirus infections and the treatment of severe allergic reactions (eg, angioedema).
drug is available as a powder, so before using it need to be prepared.According to the instruction packet "Smecta" need to pour 100 ml of warm water.For full dissolution of the drug, the powder should be mixed thoroughly.Infants can be given « smectite », diluted in milk mixture.The drug should be used only in the fresh form.
If the "Smecta" assigned to a child under one year, the day is allowed to give no more than one packet of the drug.Children over this
age is shown receiving two bags of drugs a day.Standard dosage "Smecta" for adults is three bags of the drug.The daily dose is given in 2-3 divided doses, to achieve a lasting effect, it is necessary to drink formulation for at least three days.
If overdose may occur constipation, in this case the need to reduce the dose, "Smecta".
If you are hypersensitive to the drug, which can be expressed as nausea or vomiting, as well as intestinal obstruction, the use of "Smecta" is prohibited.
allowed the use of this medication during pregnancy, but should strictly comply with the dosage.

Tip 2: How to give your child up to a year smektu

the treatment of intestinal disorders in a brood of young children, it is important not just to stop the diarrhea and help the body to overcome the cause.Therefore, it is obligatory to receive adsorbents, one (and most famous) of which is "Smecta".
How to give the child up to a year smektu
Dosage "Smecta" for kids under the age of year is 1 sachet a day, which should be diluted in 50 ml of water and giving during the day (forseveral receptions).
If the baby no problem drinking from the bottle, then give him a healing solution is simple enough, but if not - you have to use a spoon or a syringe (without a needle, 2 or 5 ml).For a time child enough to drink 10-15 ml of medication, and even if he is willing to drink more, you should continue in a few hours.Most importantly - thoroughly shake the bottle with the solution before giving it to the baby, because the drug is rapidly settles to the bottom.
Also you can mix « smectite » familiar with the crumbs of food - milk formula or expressed breast milk, fruit juice or puree, soup or porridge.Do not pour out the entire dose in one serving - one bag to be distributed evenly throughout the day.Mix the medicine with a small part of the food and give it to the kid in the first place, to be sure that the medicine gets to the destination, even if he does not eat up the entire portion.Necessarily thoroughly mix the medicine with the liquid or food, to prevent the ingress of powder into the respiratory tract of the child.
With regard to the duration of the reception, even if everything quickly returned to normal, you need to drink « smectite » for three days.It was during this time she was finally time to excrete any remaining germs and restores the protective barrier in the intestine.If the doctor advised a longer course of treatment - listen to his recommendations.If in parallel with the "Smecta" doctor appointment in some other medications, keep in mind that they should be taken no earlier than two hours after the "Smecta" (or no later than one hour prior to admission).
Helpful Hint
The principle of "Smecta" is that it neutralizes toxins and bacteria, taking them out of the body of the child.In addition, it helps to restore the protective barrier in the intestine, which is damaged by the disease.Therefore, the "Smecta" - is one of the few drugs that not only allowed, but even recommended for any (!) Intestinal disorders as the first aid measures, including the youngest children.Also this medication is sometimes prescribed kids with increased flatulence and painful.In an extreme case (when difficult or impossible to seek medical care) "Smecta" you can begin to give the child and without consultation with your doctor, because it has almost no side effects.
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If you are taking any medications after drinking "Smecta" should be kept at least hour interval before their reception.Since the "Smecta" is a powerful adsorbent, it violates the absorption of other medications that can adversely affect your health.