little history

This powder was discovered in Germany for dyeing fabrics.He is a dye and in its composition does not include any plants and minerals.In chemical plants it is prepared synthetically.It was only in the twentieth century, it was used in medicine.

Today brilliant green is almost never used in the European and other developed countries, although it is included in the catalog of approved drugs.In Western countries, there is the principle of evidence-based medicine, but the mechanism of action of this dye is not sufficiently studied, and to make further research and to invest in an outdated drug, there are none.

it found its application mainly in Russia and some former Soviet republics.

composition and preparation of green fodder

Zelenka - a green liquid with a smell of alcoh
ol.Its structure is very simple: water, ethanol, brilliant green.The alcoholic solution is used for external application in medicine.In Russia, the quality of the preparation of antiseptic Brilliant green governed by regulations.

still not precisely determined - whether the brilliant green carcinogenic, whose influence on the human body increases the risk of tumors.

Get "brilliant green" powder combining it with alcohol.Himself powder imported from abroad.And on our pharmaceutical factories produce a solution of green fodder.In most cases 1- 2% alcohol solution in vials of 10 ml and above, with a shelf life of two to three years.It has a rich green color.It is used as an aqueous solution and to wipe the damaged skin of various diseases and injuries.


Brilliant green is difficult soluble in alcohol, especially in water.The alcoholic solution used to disinfect it cuts, abrasions, scratches.

Zelenka acts as an antiseptic.In comparison with alcohol tincture of iodine solution, she lightning kills all pathogens and microbial diseases.It can be used in the treatment of various types of fungal diseases and mucous membranes.Zelenka to the skin surface may be applied in 2 or 3 layers.Excessive consumption of the drug can cause on the skin irritation or burns.