you need
  • - «No-spa";
  • - «Paracetamol";
  • - «Mukaltin";
  • - «Bromhexine";
  • - «Anuzol";
  • - «Procto-glivenol";
  • - «Anestezol";
  • - «Venoruton";
  • - «Gepatrombin";
  • - «Troxevasin";
  • - «Forlaks";
  • - «Diazolin";
  • - «Tavegil";
  • - «Razerpin";
  • - «Smecta";
  • - «Maalox";
  • - «Fosfalyugel";
  • - «Taltsid."
In most cases pregnant women suffer from headaches, which are very difficult to calm without pharmaceuticals.If the cause of migraine is a spasm, it is to adopt "no-silos".By the way, this drug will save us from discomfort in the gut and toothache.
Many people wonder what the tablets are allowed to pregnant colds.Most drugs are safe based on paracetamol.It not only reduces inflammation, but also eliminates the headache.With a strong cough woman in an interesting
position shows "Mukaltin" and "Bromhexine", as well as infusion of mother and stepmother.From the common cold to save "Sanorin", "Nazol", "Pinosol."It is undesirable to take the "aspirin" - it affects the kidneys and the heart of the future baby.
often in the third trimester women tormented by hemorrhoids.Remove the swelling and reduce the pain will help spark "Anuzol", "Procto-glivenol", "Anestezol."If the disease is passed into the chronic form, remove the aggravation, you can use butanedioic ointment.
reduce the appearance of varicose veins can be Rasschirennaya with "Venoruton", "Gepatrombin", "troksevazin."To prevent disease, you should regularly do exercises of leg edema, sleep with your feet raised, putting a pillow under the ankles, and wearing compression stockings.
Drug treatment during pregnancy constipation limited drug intake "Forlaks."This is the only laxative, not dangerous to the fetus.In no event it is impossible to do an enema, especially 2-3 trimesters, as well as drinking herbal teas based on senna and buckthorn.These plants irritate the uterus and can lead to abortion.
What tablets are allowed to pregnant women with cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system, can tell a doctor.Independent use of the drug is fraught with miscarriage, childbirth or pathology in the development of the fetus.
Women allergies during the childbearing must be satisfied "diazolin" or "Tavegilom."Just be sure to notify your gynecologist taking drugs.
Those who suffer from high blood pressure need to know that medication during pregnancy is limited.In a pinch, you can take the "Razerpin," but do not get involved with this drug, as it may cause drowsiness.
Often the future mommy pesters heartburn, flatulence, bloating.Their medication during pregnancy by using "Smecta" "Maalox" "Fosfalyugel" and "taltsid".