mechanism of action of the drug "Kagocel»

«Kagocel" is one of the most popular and effective anti-influenza in Russia: in the United States and Western Europe, this drug is not even on sale, but, nevertheless, is used in many countriesCIS and Russia, thanks to a competent advertising, has gained immense army of "fans."

main action "Kagocel" due to the fact that it contains substances are interferon inducers: they stimulate the human body's own production of interferon.The main active ingredient "Kagocel" - a copolymer of gossypol - one of the pigments of cotton, the main mechanism of action of which is to stimulate the production of interferon, providing antiviral and immune-simulating effects: drop in temperature and antiviral effect.

The exact mechanism of action Kagocel on the production of interferon is still unknown.This is one of the reasons for rejection of the drug on the global pharmaceutical market and in medicine in general.

Interferon referred to a number of proteins that are released by cells of the body in response to the invading virus.Thanks interferon cells become immune to the virus, so welcome "Kagocel" especially effective in the beginning of the disease, when the virus has not spread in the body.Receiving this medicine early in the disease often helps to prevent further development and spread of the virus.

«Kagocel": side effects and indications for use

main indication for the use of "Kagocel" is the presence of SARS or influenza in adults and children.Also, "Kagocel" is often used in the prevention of influenza and various viral respiratory infections, and for treating herpes in adults.

«Kagocel" accumulates in the organism after 24 or 32 hours after administration - mainly in the liver (88%) - and excreted after 7 days via the intestine (90%) and kidney (10%).The exhaled air preparation was not found.

Regarding side effects ... It is still not conducted statistical surveys, which could confirm the presence of certain side effects' Kagocel "(2013).

efficacy was tested in clinical trials mainly 2000-2003: in blind studies with placebo-controlled groups attended 1,100 people.

Active PR preparation "Kagocel" was awarded Russian prize in the field of advertising.Also, there was an increase of total sales: Brand of the Year (EFFIE 2011, 2012) and "Platinum Ounce" (Preparation Year - 2012)

results of clinical trials "Kagocel" covered only in the Russian press and Russian scientificpopular magazines.The preparation and carried out in connection with the investigation did not receive international recognition in the US, Western Europe, it is not sold and is not in the list of drugs the World Health Organization (WHO).