Hangover Hangover - this is a common reaction of the entire body, caused by the use of a certain amount of alcohol.For each person it has its own dose, someone it can be a glass of wine, half a bottle of vodka in some.Regardless of the number, the result is all the same - a hangover.The feeling of fear and irritation of the surrounding world, nausea, vomiting, excessive reaction to light and other sounds.All will depend on how the human body can process alcohol, the activity of the enzymes.If the alcohol dehydrogenase is slow or is produced in small amounts, intoxication occurs much faster, and toxic decomposition products of alcohol remain in the blood for longer.Hence there is a hangover with all its symptoms.

products which result from cleavage of alcohol, act d
irectly on brain cells, causing those adverse reactions that have been described above.

effective pill hangover

One of the most famous and effective drugs is an Alka-Seltzer, its structure is very simple: aspirin, citric acid and soda.It is recommended that before going to bed to drink 2 tablets means, and in the morning another.Alka-Seltzer copes with symptoms of a hangover: headache, edema, but the reason he does not clean, that is, the decay products of alcohol is not neutralized.

If you want to not only relieve the symptoms, but also protect the liver and neutralize toxins, it is better to stock up on medication "Zoreks."In its structure contains unitiol which is an antagonist of molecules of alcohol.It detoxifies and neutralizes them.The oxidation of alcohol is considerably accelerated, and breakdown products are rapidly cleared from the body.

Russian drug "DrinkOFF" is based on completely natural and herbal ingredients: licorice, ginger, Siberian ginseng, ginseng, guarana.This tool can not only cure a hangover, but also to prevent it, of course, if we take a capsule in advance.When you receive a "DrinkOFF" accelerates the metabolism of alcohol, the molecules are neutralized to safe substances for the body: water and carbon dioxide.The effect occurs quickly after administration, you can safely get to work or other activities.

Of course, the best cure for a hangover is to avoid alcohol or use it, but in very moderate amounts.It is not necessary to test the strength of your body, because there will come a time when no one pill will not help.