disadvantage syrup is that it contains sugar, which often causes allergic reactions in people who are prone to it.Therefore, people with allergies should alert the physician about his illness that he was able to prescribe a different dosage form.
As syrup Shake before each use, it will allow the active substance is uniformly distributed, so that the dosage will be respected with the utmost precision.
Ask your doctor what time you need to take medicine.Some syrups are accepted only after a meal, and some, on the contrary, just before meals.
Measure medication prescribed dose using a special measuring cup or spoon, which is usually att
ached to the drug.
medicinal syrup should be taken with a small amount of boiled water at room temperature.If the instructions for a particular drug is not indicated, it is possible to drink the medicine with another liquid.
Check out the instructions for use of the drug.Usually there is indicated how long the drug can be used after opening the bottle.Even if the syrup, according to package directions, is still fit for use, Opened vials over time lose their properties, so the best medicine you just do not help, and at worst - can even be navredit.Bolshinstvo syrup after opening stored at roomtemperature.But the storage conditions of antimicrobials, as a rule, different.If the instructions are not indicated, put an open bottle of syrup in a dark cool place.