Medicinal properties of the drug "Zinc ointment»

Medicament "zinc ointment" is a comprehensive anti-inflammatory agent for external use in children and adults."Zinc ointment" - a good antiseptic, it disinfects the skin and removes harmful substances from it, reduces irritation and inflammation, dries wounds, reduces the exudation (the output of fluid from wounds or inflamed skin).The drug is able to protect your child's skin from the effects of external factors, astringent. «zinc ointment" can also be used in adults with acne, trophic ulcers, acute eczema, bedsores, herpes simplex, skin irritation.

Because of these properties, "zinc ointment" is used if the child has a rash, or other type of dia
per dermatitis children, prickly heat and diaper rash.It is used to treat burns, superficial wounds, streptococcal (infection of the skin that results from exposure to pathogens).

Instructions for use "zinc ointment" in children

When any problems with the baby's skin "zinc ointment" must be applied to the affected area with a thin layer.The ointment is applied 3-6 times a day.If necessary, it can be used before each swaddled newborn.For the treatment of wounds and burns in children using a bandage with ointment.The drug is used for abrasions and cuts, zinc reduces inflammation, disinfects wounds, accelerates the process of healing.In these cases, the ointment is applied to the wound and cuts conventional bed. «zinc ointment" is used to full recovery, but it does not recommend the use of more than one month.

«zinc ointment" can be used as a preventive measure, if a baby's skin is in prolonged contact with urine or under the influence of other negative factors.In this case, the drug must be applied to the skin site.Part of the zinc oxide ointment is approved for use in children younger than six months as a means of protection from the sun.Ointment creates a film that protects against ultraviolet rays, as well as treats and restores the child's skin with sunburn.

«zinc ointment" should be applied to clean, dry skin.When applying ointment to the person you need to make sure that the drug is not hit in the eye.If this happens, they should be rinsed with plenty of clean water.The only contraindication to the use of "zinc ointment" - hypersensitivity to its components (zinc and Vaseline).The side effects of this drug reviews have not, except for a possible allergy."Zinc ointment" can be used in women during pregnancy and lactation.