manifestation of age lack estrogen

Fabrics female sexual organs are very sensitive to estrogen deficiency.Age-related depletion of ovarian function leads to a gradual end to "a woman's cycle," which is usually accompanied by hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood swings.Someone these symptoms clearly, someone has erased and quietly.But all the women they gradually pass, while the condition of the mucous intimate of estrogen deficiency appears brighter over time without treatment, alas, is irreversible.

Amid Decline of female sex hormones change the type and quality of the skin of the face, neck - it becomes thinner and dry, less elastic and more vulnera

ble to the effects of the environment loses its elasticity, volume and hydration.Such changes are not available to the views of others, and originate from the mucous membranes of sexual organs.The thinning of the mucous internal genital organs of women and their atrophy in women during menopause - one of the most unpleasant and severe manifestations of the age of lack of estrogen.


Reduced estrogen levels in women triggers a snowball of various deficiencies at the intimate organs.Against the background of estrogen deficiency reduces the number of cells in the vaginal epithelium, the cells reduced the production of glycogen and lactic acid bacteria are gradually disappearing.

Glycogen is synthesized in the epithelial cells under the influence of estrogen, split by lactobacilli to lactic acid, which provides a low pH at 3.7-4.3.This level of security and a healthy microflora of genitals.

Reduced levels of estrogen leads to thinning of the mucosa, poor elasticity, blood circulation, loss of elasticity, which leads to painful sexual intercourse and serious problems in sexual life.In addition, the thinning of the mucosa and changes in the amount of vaginal secretions cause severe itching and burning.The hormonal changes during menopause causes aging tissue atrophy and thinning of the membranes of the urinary organs, muscles, ligaments of the pelvic floor, which leads to yet another unpleasant problem - incontinence when you laugh, cough, exercise and intimacy.77% of women find it impossible and inconvenient to discuss these symptoms with your doctor, preferring to accept the challenge.

decision - to fill the shortage of estrogen

no secret that many unpleasant menopausal symptoms and exacerbations of diseases caused by hormonal changes in a woman's body can be avoided by using a system of hormone therapy.However oral HRT there is a high risk of side effects.That is why at the local pronounced symptoms - dryness, itching, burning sensation in the vagina, urinary incontinence - recommend the use of topical therapy.Moreover, the tissue of the vagina and the urinary tract are sensitive to very low doses of hormones, which can be placed inside the vagina in the form of creams or suppositories (suppository).Thus hormones are released slowly into the bloodstream and their minimum number of misses.

Treatment is best to start at the first signs of atrophy.Cream and candle "Ovestin" - the drug, which has the longest history of use and monitoring of all the estrogens used to treat mucosal atrophy.In its relation studied all the possible disadvantages and side effects, worked out a safe dose and frequency of application.The drug is indicated for the treatment of dryness and itching in the vagina, pain during sexual intercourse, urinary incontinence, and cough laugh against deficiency of estrogen in postmenopausal women.The drug can be used for a long time.

There are contraindications to use, consult with a specialist.

For more information about the drug "Ovestin" can be found on the website.