go to the reception to the gynecologist.You will be assigned tests to determine if you can you make hormonal or not.Also, the doctor will examine the breasts.In the presence of tumors in the breast, uterus or ovaries can not drink contraceptives, as estrogen-dependent tumors will progress.After all surveys will be assigned a specific drug.
Begin taking the pill for 1-2 days after the onset of menstruation, in this case, the additional protection against pregnancy is not required.If you did not take the first pill on time, you can do it on day 5, but no later, otherwise the efficiency will decrease.If you start to drink tablets on day 5, then use additional means of contraception the first two weeks, as the risk of pregnancy is still there.
After you drink pills from the first blister, do a seven-day break at this time you should start menstruating.Hormonal agents resume on day 8, but not later.If you assign tablets to correct hormonal levels, the treatment regimen will tell the doctor, in some cases, do not need a break.Be careful, sometimes Tablets need to drink without interruption since 7 pieces in blister pacifier to a woman Do not forget to take the following.
If you forget to take a pill on time, do it immediately as soon as you remember.If it has been less than 24 hours, you can not worry, hormonal effect decreases, simply drink a missed tablet.When held for more than 48 hours, take the missed pill not necessary, but should drink up the rest, or to begin uterine bleeding.Use barrier protection.
If you become ill, for example, started vomiting, or diarrhea, the protective effect weakens.By the end of the month, use other means of contraception (non-hormonal).