Reception "Essentiale Forte" allows you to suspend the formation of connective tissue in the liver, whereas its main components in the form of phospholipids restores the structure of its cells and their original functions.Chronic administration of the drug is almost always marked the normalization of metabolism in the liver cells.The main indications for the reception of "Essentiale Forte" are chronic forms of hepatitis, chronic liver disease by alcohol, drugs, radiation and heavy metals, its fatty degeneration and alcohol, as well as cirrhosis and psoriasis.
During pregnancy "Essentiale Forte" should be used only under medical supervision - although evidence of its negative impact on the fetus has not been recei
ved.Also, "Essentiale" can be taken for pregnant women suffering from severe toxicity.In applying the drug during lactation breastfeeding is desirable to suspend.Newborn or premature infants "Essentiale Forte" is contraindicated because of the presence of alcohol.To achieve a positive effect on its acceptance can continue treatment for a period of 2 to 10 months.
Capsules "Essentiale Forte" for adolescents over 12 and adults appoint 2 pieces of 2 to 3 times a day.After 3-4 weeks of therapy with this drug should go to maintenance therapy, involves taking 1 capsule 2-3 times a day.To maximize the assimilation of phospholipids are encouraged to take "Essentiale Forte" during or after eating, swallowing whole capsules and washing them down with a little water.Children and adults intravenously administered drug slowly, 5-10 ml per day, in severe cases, the dose was increased to 20 ml.
most commonly by intravenous injection of the drug is administered for 10 days, supporting their capsule form "Essentiale".In psoriasis, treatment is initiated with 2 capsules three times a day (two weeks), after which the patient undergoes a course of 10 IV injections (5 ml) with parallel PUVA-treatment.After graduating from intravenous course, the patient continues to receive "Essentiale Forte" orally and finish treatment only 2 months later.