Flu is difficult to confuse with a harmless cold.While ARI begins gradually, flu attacks the patient without any prior reverence and in just a few hours is able to deprive human health.
Previously it was thought that the virus of the disease do not need any specific treatment except symptomatic.Therefore, treatment of the flu was only in bringing down the temperature, the appointment of antitussives, and supporters of traditional medicine have waited for tea with raspberries.All these measures have helped a relative, and often the patient recovered exclusively from domestic reserves.However, this treatment could be delayed for a week, or longer, and even the appearan
ce of complications was seen as inevitable, the effect of which is to have been impossible.
In the XXI century has changed a lot, including related to various diseases.And few know that the flu is no longer refers to diseases, about which previously joked: "If you treat it passes over some 7 days, and if not treated, for a whole week."It has long been developed special drugs to help the body resist the virus.One such medication is AnviMaks - domestic product analogues are almost nonexistent.Its uniqueness lies in the simultaneous symptomatic and antiviral effect.
flu virus is extremely active, just a day he is able to knock down even the healthiest body.In AnviMakse contains six perfectly complementary components.On the one hand, it is of rimantadine, which prevents the growth of viruses, providing thus also anti-toxic effects on the body, and calcium gluconate Rutoside and reduce the permeability of capillaries.Paracetamol is composed AnviMaksa removes heat loratadine - prevents swelling of the tissues and mucous membranes, and vitamin C - increases the body's immunity.
The earlier the treatment was started, the more effective it will be.And not only for the patient but also for his entourage.We should not forget that during the entire period of human disease is a kind of incubator for viruses and inadvertently contribute to their spread in the environment, infect your friends and family.If he will be able to block the activity of the virus, until he came in full force, he himself escaped with slight shock and preserve the health of loved ones.So no need to wait for the flu declared itself in full force.If you experience the first symptoms should immediately take all necessary steps to cure the disease.