bandage for pregnant women - a special support device which allows you to maintain the anterior abdominal wall muscles and internal organs in the correct position.The expectant mother is experiencing heavy load.The offset center of gravity leads to the fact that the main load is applied to some parts of the spine.Wearing a support belt and pants can partially solve this problem.
Before you buy a bandage, consult your gynecologist.There are certain contraindications to the use of this device.If your pregnancy is proceeding normally, then maybe it is, and you do not need.
doctor may advise you to wear a bandage if your pregnancy is multiple, if you do not have one.Maintain the abdominal wall should be in the presence of scarring
in the uterus, with low-lying placenta, pain in the back.If you have to periodically take an older child in her arms, wearing a brace will allow you the right to redistribute the load on the spine.
sale there are special support belt, pants with high elastic insert and universal bandages that can be worn after pregnancy.Choose a product, based on your own preferences, but take into account the recommendations of your gynecologist.Note that the band should be as accurately dimensioned.Do not buy it without first fitting.
To put on a bandage, wrap the belt around the waist and lie on your back and raise a little hip, lock it so that you feel supported, but it does not feel unpleasant pressure on the internal organs.Once the belt is locked, gently get up from the bed.When you lie on your back, your internal organs take the correct position in which you and fix them with a bandage.
Remember that you can not wear a bandage around the clock.Do not wear it more than 10 hours a day.Every 3 hours remove the bandage for 20-30 minutes.This prevents the muscles vaschim partial atrophy.At night, be sure to remove the bandage.