The most common bacterial vaginosis is caused by indiscriminate and unprotected sexual activity, improper personal hygiene during menstruation, a late replacement pads, continuous wear synthetic underwear and panty liners, problems with hormonal,dysbiosis and reduce immunity.Also, bacterial vaginosis is common during puberty and during pregnancy, when hormones are in a state of imbalance.
The main symptom of this disease is the presence of abundant grayish-whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge.They have a smooth texture and a very unpleasant smell of rotten fish.In 50% of cases of bacterial vaginosis secretions to join burning and itching in the genital tract, worse during i
ntercourse and urination.When the above symptoms should consult a gynecologist for a diagnosis and effective treatment - in this case should be treated with both partners to bacterial vaginosis is not started again.
The first phase is designed to suppress bacterial vaginosis treatment overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis, causes the development of the disease.For this the doctor prescribes medication antibacterial action such as "clindamycin", "Tinidazole" and "metronidazole" as suppositories.As part of these local therapy candles are used twice a day for seven to ten days.
In the second stage of treatment normal healthy vagina is colonized by microflora using products containing lactic acid bacteria (lactobacilli).Before their application woman should undergo a series of tests for the presence of yeast, developed against the use of antibiotics, as well as passed on the effectiveness of therapy.Then, the doctor prescribes a vaginal suppositories "Laktonorm", "Lactobacterin", "atsilakt" or "Bifidin" who use one candle twice a day for seven to ten days.Additionally, you can drink a course of drugs with lactobacilli for the maintenance of intestinal microflora.