role of chromium on living organisms has been studied in the late 1950s.Studies conducted on rats showed that the animals which were living in low chromium content in the products developed intolerance sugar.But as soon as the diet was introduced chromium, their condition is normal.These studies led to the conclusion that in the human body and the trace element is important.
At the moment it is known that the main role of chromium in the body - is the regulation of blood sugar.Furthermore, chromium is essential for normal metabolism of body fat.Accordingly, its deficiency leads to excessive weight.
a result of medical research, it was found that the daily administration of chromium leads to stabilization of the level of sugar in 80% of patients.Thus, w
e can conclude about the necessity of chromium supplementation for people suffering from diabetes.
One of the most popular drugs of chromium is "Chromium Picolinate".This active substance is used as a sports supplement for increasing muscle growth and the reduction of subcutaneous fat.From the chemical point of view, the drug is a derivative of picolinic acid, which is involved in glucose utilization and insulin required in extremely small quantities.
In addition, the drug is known for its miraculous properties in the area of ​​weight loss.Generally, it is taken during a meal with food.Experts recommend not to use the drug more than 400 micrograms per day.Moreover, a tablet should be divided into two equal parts and taken twice a day.
However, many of the sources provide data about the huge number of side effects, "chromium picolinate."We often hear that the chromium in the composition of the drug is carcinogenic.There is also the assumption that he is able to cause gene mutations and can cause irreparable harm to the body.
According to various estimates, the daily admission rate of chromium in the body should be from 20 to 300 micrograms.All rules depend on the age and health of the person.Thus, adult and healthy person should consume only 35 micrograms of chromium per day.
In addition, it is worth remembering that it is not necessary to take any supplements of chromium daily rate, you can fill in and use foods such as turkey, broccoli and boiled potatoes.