The cure depends on the cause of the headache.One of them - a migraine.During a migraine attack vessels in the brain dilate and begin to put pressure on the nerve endings that are located nearby.Such pain begins suddenly, localized primarily in any one side of the head.Most tablets migraine - a non-steroidal drugs, such as "have", "Ibuprom", "Ibuprom max", "Nurofen" "Brufen".The desired effect when taking these drugs occurs in 10-15 minutes and lasts up to 7-8 hours.
Vascular headache occurs when blood vessels excessive stretching of the brain.In such a situation the person feels the pulsation inside the head, passing into a dull, aching pain.Vascular headache occurs in people with low blood pressure when it is increasing as a result of overvoltage.Medica
tions should improve the supply of oxygen to the brain.Among these drugs, "piracetam" (it should take 2 months).Benefiting from vascular headache as "Citramon", "sedalgin", "Pentalgin."
Headache is possible at a differential pressure fluid of the spinal canal.This meninges stretch and change the location of brain structures in relation to each other.The pain is manifested in the bulging of inside the head, during cough becomes stronger.This type of pain is typical for hypertensive patients, there may be a head trauma, tumors, menengitah, abscesses and other serious diseases.Necessary medication and its dosage picks physician.
psychogenic headache occurs when psychiatric disorders (depression, phobias), when a person convinces himself that he had a headache.
urgent is the problem of headaches during pregnancy.The main reason for its occurrence - hormonal changes in women.Take the pill for a headache during pregnancy and breastfeeding is impossible.When lactation chemicals from pellets fall into the milk, and the baby absorbs them almost in the same doses as the mother.Pills during pregnancy threatens to delay the development of the fetus, can cause uterine bleeding.
The causes of headaches are many and before you take the medicine, consult your doctor!