cause discomfort rhinitis is a swelling of the nasal mucosa and abundant mucus.This prevents free passage of air flow, resulting in a nasal breathing becomes labored.To cope with the problem of helping nasal drops: narrowing the blood vessels in the nose, they eliminate the swelling and reduce the rate of formation of mucus.Duration of the droplets ranges from 6 to 12 hours.Thus, 2-4 instillation allow to forget about a cold the whole day.Still, with all the obvious advantages of nasal drops have significant drawbacks, one of which is addictive.That it did not have, you must stop using vasoconstrictors in 5-7 days.However, during this time a runny nose is not always passed.As a result, a person faces a choice
: to suffer from nasal breathing disorders or to continue treatment with drops.If the choice is made in favor of the drug, one should be prepared for the fact that sooner or later the vessels will no longer react to it.At best, the effect of the treatment will not be simple.And at worst - swelling of the droplets can only intensify.Another problem that can cause nasal drops, a thinning of the nasal mucosa.This leads to the fact that the blood vessels become more brittle and therefore easily damaged if the blood pressure drops and injuries.As a result, it increases the risk of nosebleeds.Improper use of nasal drops can cause serious complications affecting the central nervous system.Side effects of this sort are often observed in children.Sleep disorders, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat - this is only a small fraction of the violations that may occur even with a slight overdose vasoconstrictor drops.To nose drops bring only benefits, it is important to strictly follow the instructions for use.The duration of treatment of such drugs can not be more than 7 (preferably - 5) days and the daily number of injections should not exceed three times.Before using the vasoconstrictor drops, especially in young children, it is necessary to consult a doctor.