When vitamin deficiency: cut the plants with leaves so that the total weight was about five hundred grams, grind and add as much walnuts and chop them first.Now put this mixture in a half cup of honey.Every day for a month to take three times a day.
By reducing vitality: Mix honey with half a glass cup finely chopped aloe leaf, add a mixture of three hundred and fifty milliliters of wine type "Cahors" and leave it for 5 days.Daily drink a tablespoon of half an hour before meals.
With the general decline forces: finely chop aloe, so to get three tablespoons of the mixture.Mix one-third cup honey, 5 tablespoons of dry cocoa, add aloe and one hundred grams of butter.All mix thoroughly and store in the ref
rigerator.Take this mixture, spreading a spoon in a glass of warm milk.
In tuberculosis Prepare the mixture on the basis of butter.To do this, fifteen grams of aloe juice mixed with cocoa powder, honey, butter and lard (the weight of each component - one hundred grams).Dilute a tablespoon of the mixture into the hot milk and drink morning and evening.
When pneumonia: Dissolve three teaspoons of honey in a glass of water.Chop three aloe leaf and add the glass.Boil the mixture on low heat for two hours, cool and strain.Drink a tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before meals.It is desirable to exchange treatment period and a half months.
At a cold: Buried in the nasal passages aloe juice every six hours.
If your hair: Mix a tablespoon of aloe juice and honey, add one teaspoon of garlic, finely chopped beforehand.This also enter one raw egg yolk and apply on the hair.Covering his head with plastic wrap, wrap, to create heat.Twenty minutes later, rinse hair.The course should be five procedures.
skin lesions, burns and frostbite: grind one hundred grams of leaves that are exempt from the rough.Add one hundred grams of glycerin, water, and lemon juice in a quantity of one teaspoon.Leave for a day in a cool dark place, then strain through cheesecloth.Store this medicine in the refrigerator should be.