Hydrogen peroxide - vernacular medicine Hydrogen peroxide (Hydrogenii peroxydum, H2O2).The substance - a frequent guest home kit.As a rule, publicly available peroxide is sold in small containers is 3%.The percentages indicate the concentration of the substance.It depends on them the action of peroxide in the body.For example, the hydrogen peroxide concentration of 0.2-0.3% is necessary to suppress the bacteria, meaning it acts on the body bacteriostatic.The hydrogen peroxide concentration of 3% is already a bactericidal agent which causes the death of microorganisms hostile.Also the tool can be used as a deodorizing preparation.The peroxide concentration of more than 30% is used to lighten (depigmentation) of the skin and mucous membranes.
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roxide (3%) is a clear liquid, having sometimes a faint odor.In general, the means designated as an antiseptic.It is used for disinfection of wounds, abrasions, cuts.During interaction with the damaged skin peroxide is a chemical reaction, resulting in active oxygen is generated.Purification takes place mechanically injured.
Sometimes hydrogen peroxide needed for the treatment of gynecological diseases, stop capillary and nosebleeds.When angina, stomatitis and other diseases of the mouth and throat are often prescribed rinses with funds.However, in this case, a solution of peroxide concentration of 0.25%.
concentrated hydrogen peroxide (31%) are not often used in medical and cosmetic and household purposes.The undiluted with frequent use of the solution may cause severe irritation or burns to the skin.However, it is often used in the formulation of lotions and creams for skin whitening.Some girls and women used concentrated hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair on the body.
strong concentration of hydrogen peroxide is used for bleaching of things in the wash and cleaning.Typically, the solution is mixed with cleaning agents.Processing area received funds provides an excellent disinfecting effect.
hydrogen peroxide in liquid form - the most familiar to consumers means.However, it must be properly stored: Keep away from sunlight, heat, do not leave flammable items around.More loyal to the requirements of different pills gidroperita - hydrogen peroxide, coupled with urea.
gidroperit considered more effective.For 3% solution of 1 tablet should be dissolved in a tablespoon of water.If it is necessary to establish means for the rinsing liquid quantity should be increased to the same glass.In the second case, the water should be warm.Thus tablets hydrogen peroxide are more universal in application.
Some time ago, in alternative medicine, a new trend: the treatment with hydrogen peroxide.This program serves to consume agent dissolved in water inside.However, such treatment is not validated by a traditional medicine and may promote the occurrence of dangerous diseases.