Shingles is also called herpes zoster.This disease is not classified as infectious, and others do not have to worry about her symptoms occur after contact with the sick person.However, it is one of the most difficult forms of herpes, and it can be activated against other viruses that are currently dormant.Therefore, so it is important to prevent worsening of the disease that can be caused by water treatments.

Localization with herpes zoster rash

for this disease in the early stages are characterized by redness melkotochechnye that cause severe burning and pain.Soon, the spots coalesce into so-called herpetic plaque.Most often, they are located in the region of the trigeminal nerve in the face (upper and lower jaw), intercostal nerves and nerve endings on the extr
emities of the body.Many patients with rash located on the back of the head, neck, chest, back and shoulder girdle.

Shower or bath?

with shingles can not take a simple bath, personal hygiene is recommended to use the shower.Please be aware that hot water stimulates the activation of herpes.If the disease is in the acute stage, by immersing the body in water there is the risk of "spread" the virus throughout the body.Therefore, you need to wash "parts", trying not to irritate the painful areas washcloth and detergents.In particularly difficult cases, it is necessary to replace the shower with wet wiping.

However, with respect to therapeutic baths are no prohibitions: they will only benefit.But the temperature should in this case correspond to body temperature.For example, a positive effect on virus neutralization will pine oil, which is necessary to add 5-6 drops to the bath.Very good for the healing of the rash tea tree oil.It will need the same amount as that of conifers.For therapeutic baths it is recommended to use oil of sage.

condition herpetic foci can appreciate a doctor.He concluded that, whether it is possible to take water treatments.The fact that in some cases, shingles can not be wet.In order to decide whether a particular patient water treatment, the doctor takes into account his age and state of immunity.When milder form of the disease is most often recommended to take a quick warm shower.It facilitates the patient's condition, removing the itching and soothe the skin.However, this feature can be used only if the body temperature is not increased, no weakness and malaise.