It is not important age and gender, propolis equally well get rid of ailments and children and adults, men and zhenschin.Esche in 1994, Japanese scientists have been proven and confirmed by scientific experiments medicinal properties and propolis.Scientific methods have shown that propolis has antibacterial and antibiotic activity, which can protect the body from external harmful effects and more.
Propolis effectively used as in folk and scientific medicine to treat and prevent many diseases.Accepted propolis and is recommended for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the common cold, flu, diseases of the nasal mucosa, chronic sinus
itis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, etc.
We see that the effect of propolis and the body is very large, and this is due to the fact that the substance propolis , worked out by bees, enriched with vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc, amino acids and otheruseful microelements.
How to take propolis .
To know how to take propolis for you, you should consult with your doctor and make a diagnosis.
recommended dosage receiving propolis drops and adults.Its weight divide by two, learn how many drops per day your body needs, and take an equal amount into the morning and evening.In acute or chronic diseases can be eaten a double dose, but only on a doctor's recommendation.
For children over 12 years, half the adult dose, and for those who have not yet reached the age of 12 - a third or a quarter of the adult dosage.