Application of clove oil in cooking.

When cooking different dishes clove essential oil is appropriate to use where you would not have abandoned the natural spices.For example, a drop of clove oil will give a taste of the spicy compote of dried fruits and enrich its color.You can add 1-2 drops of oil in the meat sauce in the brine for pickling or salting fish and mushrooms.If you are cold, then with a drop of clove tea will warm you and lift your spirits.

Application of clove oil treatment.

Because clove oil often can find it at the pharmacy, it can also be used for therapeutic purposes in various ways.

When stress is enough to smell the clove oil by opening it and having put on a cotton ball.If you want to give relaxation to complete the program, then a
few drops of oil can be sacrificed for the oil burner.No less pleasant procedure is taking a bath with a few drops of oil, and if you hit willies, then a drop of clove oil, pounded in his hands, he will deliver you from this unpleasant condition.

1-2 drops of clove oil can be added to the basis of domestic cosmetic creams, especially when the porous oily skin.

When cold, this oil is also able to bring you noticeable relief.So, they can lubricate the sinuses to kill germs in the nose.With the same purpose, diluted in a glass of water a drop of oil can gargle for colds, flu, and rinse your mouth to prevent odor, used in stomatitis and other diseases of the oral cavity.If you have a toothache, it is effectively applied to the tooth (not to the gum) cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil with a drop of clove oil.
bad is the oil applied for skin problems.A few drops in a glass of water is sufficient to disinfect the wound, to accelerate removal of pus, eliminate itching from insect bites.

If clove oil is checked that it is suitable for oral administration (and the present essential oil should have this right), then it can be used to strengthen the work of lazy bowel emptying the purpose of the long-awaited.Just a drop of oil must be pre-mixed with a teaspoon of honey, and in any case does not have an empty stomach, and you can burn some internal organs.
Kohl are talking about precautions you should not use clove oil excitable people, hypertensive patients, pregnant women and children.

Application of clove oil at home.

in oil of cloves many volatile substances that are absolutely do not like insects.Put a drop of oil on a cotton wool and put in the closet of the moth.Be sure that all your clothes abide intact.If you like to open windows and doors in the summer, then wipe the water with a drop of oil frame, drip on the curtains - and annoying flies do not fly into your home.Working in the garden, with water and rub 1-2 drops of clove oil and clove essence do better and smear it periodically from mosquitoes, midges and ticks.

hope that a small bottle of clove oil will save you from major problems, and you will love and be happy to use this fragrance for personal use.