During pregnancy Magne B6 may be used only on prescription.The drug may prescribe a woman at any stage.In some cases, before you register Magne B6 doctor conducts biochemical blood test to determine the level of magnesium.However, in practice, the drug is usually administered on the basis of clinical symptoms of magnesium deficiency.They occur in many women still in the early stages, since the period of pregnancy the need for the female body in the macrocells is increased 2, and sometimes 3 times.But in some cases, for example in the presence of rena
l failure in a patient, blood before administration Magne B6 should be performed necessarily - it is necessary to determine the optimum dose.
Magne B6 is available as tablets, enteric-coated, as well as in the form of samonadlamyvayuschihsya vials containing the oral solution.Recommended instruction to the drug daily dose is 6-8 tablets.During pregnancy Magne B6 usually prescribed dose of 6 tablets or 3 capsules per day.This dose prophylactic considered, so it is prescribed at the start of treatment.If necessary, this dosage is adjusted further depending on the performance of the biochemical analysis.
Take a daily dose of Magne B6 should be equal parts three times a day.The recommended interval between doses is 6-8 hours.If a woman simultaneously taking other products containing the micro and macro elements, their reception should be performed no earlier than 2 hours before or after taking Magne B6.The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor individually.The minimum term of the drug is 1 month.In some cases, the woman should take Magne B6 throughout pregnancy.
Note: renal impairment Magne B6 intake during pregnancy can lead to an overdose of magnesium.This condition manifests itself in the form of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, sweating, confusion speech.If you have any of these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor.In women who do not have kidney problems, very good tolerability.Adverse effects during the application of Magne B6 can occur if there is the tendency to allergic reactions, since the composition of the preparation contains flavorant and sodium disulfide.The drug is not prescribed to patients with phenylketonuria, severe renal insufficiency, fructose intolerance, glucose malabsorption or galactose and sucrose-isomaltose deficiency.