Alcoholism and society

In everyday life under the alcoholism can also mean the normal attraction to alcohol consumption.This ability to recognize the negative impact of alcohol dulled.But not every use of intoxicating beverages leads to the disease.Alcoholism contribute to the development of individual factors and characteristics of the organism, as well as the amount and frequency of drinking.A certain contingent of people more likely to develop alcoholism, because of the special social environment, heredity, or emotional and mental development of the individual specifics.Of particular importance is the impact of social environment on the person, as well as methods of education.Also, more recently, scientists had isol
ated the main gene for alcoholism. At this point in the human genome is allocated more than 12 genes that contribute to the further development of alcoholism.


mechanism of action of alcohol on the body is mediated by several species of the impact of alcohol on the man.On the central nervous system, ethanol acts as a drug.Its narcotic effect activates neurotransmitter functions, particularly catecholamine and opiate system.All possible levels of the nervous system like substance (endogenic opiates, and catecholamines) produce different effects.Basically it exceeded the threshold of pain, behavioral reactions and the formation of emotions.

Alcohol and body

Under the influence of ethanol, as a consequence of chronic alcohol use, all systems of the body violated.As a consequence, developing dependence, permanent withdrawal, change of attitude towards drinking. the oxide in the body, ethanol is converted to a toxic substance, acetaldehyde.This poison leads to chronic intoxication, as well as to various diseases - alcoholic hepatitis, atherosclerosis and encephalopathy.

stage of alcoholism

as a pathology, alcoholism, goes through several stages of development.All of them are characterized by a gradual degradation, reduction of self-control and the progressive development of somatic disorders.In total there are 4 stages of alcoholism:

prodromal stage - the disease yet, but sometimes it happens everyday drinking.Man drinking alcohol with friends, but rarely finishes to memory loss.Without harm to own psyche person can stop drinking alcohol for any period;

first stage - the person often feels an overwhelming desire to drink alcohol.If unable to use the desire for long leaves, but returns with time;

second stage - grows tolerance to alcohol.Attraction drinking becomes strong, and self-control is weakened.In humans, there are psychosis, hallucinations appear, it becomes dangerous to others;

third stage - endurance drinking falls.Alcohol is consumed daily.Completely disrupted the psyche and the internal organs.Develop severe diseases and disorders.