For what reasons the metabolism

The body must continually be metabolism.If in the process some reason arise malfunctions may develop complications, up to a dangerous disease.And why can this happen?Metabolic disorders can occur for a variety of reasons, both external and internal.The external reason is, first of all, unbalanced (or low-quality) food, resulting in a shortage or excess of essential substances - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.Metabolism can also be broken because of the toxic compounds (due to smoking, unfavorable environmental conditions, work in hazardous work, drug use).For example, very great harm to the body to cause arsenic and heavy metal ions.Finally, disruptions in metabolism can happen due to ingestion of pathogenic bacteria a
nd viruses, especially when weakened immunity.

From internal reasons, first of all, should indicate congenital or acquired diseases that lead to the malfunction of the endocrine system, which consequently leads to disturbances in the synthesis of hormones, enzymes, transport and immune proteins.A typical example: due to insufficient production of the hormone insulin by the pancreas is disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, which leads to serious illness such as diabetes.

prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders

order to prevent metabolic disorders, it is necessary first of all to eat.That is, you need to stick to this diet, when the body will be regularly receives all the necessary material in the right quantities.It is also necessary to take preventive measures against infectious diseases, strengthen the immune system, for example, to carry out tempering procedures.It should give up bad habits (such as smoking), and when working with hazardous substances strict precautions.It should also be possible to avoid nervousness, stress, to shit at least eight hours a day, do exercises, more walk in the fresh air.It is important to check the body, because some diseases that affect metabolism, asymptomatic.