third trimester begins with the seventh month of pregnancy, at which time many organs are functioning future baby.The baby swallows intrauterine water and gradually activates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.Kidneys in the third trimester are active in the day produced 500 ml of urine.The muscular system is trained in the active movements of the fetus, starts to work the diaphragm, which is the birth will take an active part in the act of breathing.The child hears everything that goes around the eyes react to bright light through the abdominal cavity.The most important changes are taking place in the lungs - alveolar walls to the 26th week are covered with a special substance, through which light can carry out gas exchange.It should be noted that the full
maturity of the respiratory system and other organs formed at 36 weeks of fetal development.
In the third trimester, the fetus is rapidly gaining weight, formed subcutaneous reserves of nutrients.At 25 weeks fetal development weighs about 700 grams, and by the end of pregnancy weight increases of up to 3 kg or more, the baby's size increases from 28 to 50 cm. The younger the fetus is getting crowded in the uterus, frequently chaotic motion gives way to occasional tremors.Often, you can test the parts of the body that the baby rests on the abdominal wall, for example, head or hip joint.
After 30 weeks the fetus occupies a cephalic presentation, ie the head is turned to the door, sometimes it happens in the later period of 36-38 weeks.If the fetus does not take a position, it becomes relevant the question of delivery by caesarean section.
on fetal ultrasound can clearly see all the bodies, seen how the intestine, heart, bladder.Doctor using ultrasound assesses how the blood supply of the placenta, whether flatulence - an indirect sign of fetal hypoxia, checks partitions in the heart of the fetus, etc.
the expectant mother in the third trimester of pregnancy is experiencing an overload on the cardiovascular system, urinary and respiratory systems.Substances of amniotic fluid through a complex mechanism fall into the mother's bloodstream, so the kidneys and liver women cope with the double burden.Because of increased blood flow and complicated urinary system works appear peripheral edema and pasty limbs.Enlarged uterus presses on the diaphragm and a woman can not take a deep breath.
the last month of pregnancy, many women experience psycho-emotional stress, so it is often necessary to walk in the open air, listen to beautiful classical music, doing things you love creativity.Fascinating are efforts on the improvement of room for the future baby, beautifully uplifting buying clothes on a newborn.
Before birth the fetal head gradually descends into the pelvis, pregnant experiencing painful discomfort in the abdomen and in the lumbar region - this is the first signal of the impending birth.