Vokaloterapiya - is not only a mastery of singing technique, but the way medical and health effects, activating the protective functions of the body.Voice - is sound waves, vibrations, one of the manifestations of energy that we create with the help of the vocal cords.In many cultures, there are methods of self-healing with your voice.Modern research has shown that the whole of nature exists in the vibrational band sounds even blooming rose makes a sound like muffled hum body.


We come to know the world of images, but thoughts can only transmit voice.But in most cases, we say the word, pass only 1% of the information, energy, initially laid down in the concept-image.The man is not working at full strength tool of expression of the word - a
vocal-air system.The range of sound is very constricted, like a bad speaker: there is only the middle - 600-900 Hz, bottoms and tops there.It turns out it without a soul, paints.Our physical health, career and prosperity largely depend on the proper operation of the mechanism playback - speech.Try it and you use your voice to become more happy, balanced, healthy.

muscle training

• muscle training - the ability to breathe stomach helps to give the desired effect sound.Every day from 3, gradually increasing the time to 30 minutes, belly breathing.To do this, place your hand on your stomach and make sure that the thoracic did not move during breathing.This exercise can be done as well, lying on his back, with his hands instead of several books on the stomach.
• Every day, going up to the mirror and opening the mouth wide, 12 times the raise and lower the soft palate, uvula at the back neck.Saying thus something like a squeezed "as well, but, well ..".As to the doctor when you show the throat.When you yawn we do this movement automatically.


Especially recommended sings vocalize it short, for a few minutes of music where you have to sing the melody vowels.At the initial stage you can take vocalize composers Abt F. and G. Seidler, then look for more challenging.Choose the most favorite in tune with your inner state.Even if there is no ready-made soundtrack to vocalize - Tutor, sing the sounds of the health, inventing his music, it's very exciting, and most importantly - good for health.
not to hurt yourself, be careful about what you are doing.Listen to their own feelings, properly taken note jarring, it is obvious that the benefits it will bring.

Dr. sound

• The sound of "E" activates the neck and throat, the thyroid gland.It helps the brain.Is it because people say, "EEEE", searching for the right word in a conversation?
• When nasal congestion - sing the sound "I".At the same time the sound treats the eyes and ears, kidneys, promotes intensive circulation.
• «A» relieves spasms, a favorable effect on the heart, chest and gallbladder.
• «O" treats the pancreas, stomach, increases blood flow to the heart.


• Before the occupation of the nasal cavity should be rinsed with water, using a cotton swab or drive to avoid inhaling germs are on the mucous in the lungs.During the singing of the person making a deeper breath than usual.
• Inhale always nose, mouth and exhale.Any sound is always pronounced exhale.
• The basic position - stand up straight, arms at your sides.You can simply make sounds loud, but do not scream and do not strain.
• You can feel how the body responds to certain faint vibration.
• When the pronunciation of a sound mind direct its flow to the diseased organ.
• Engage in a relaxed atmosphere, to follow you no one was watching.
• Each sound pronounced six times with the same period of inhalation and exhalation.
• Exercises should be carried out continuously in the most at your own pace.
• If, during the singing you wanted to move your hands to the beat, helping yourself, do not restrain myself - express themselves.This way you get a sound Qigong - Chinese gymnastics.
pronouncing sounds as if we "cleanse congestion" in the energy channels, ie stimulate the pituitary gland - the main body of the regulation of metabolism in our body.


In Russia there was even a way to cure the sick.Zaneduzhivshego planted in a circle so that the person at the center of sound effects and drove around the dance songs.If the disease really is a failure of normal internal rhythms, and singing a song - a very powerful healer.
In psychotherapy, as a method of healing, music therapy appeared in the mid-20th century.

Varieties of music therapy on the effects of music therapy is divided into physiological and psychological.In the first case, the therapeutic effect is due to activation of the brain.In the second case, music works by causing certain emotions.
Music therapy is divided into active and passive.When passive, you are listening to music.If the active, involved in the process of writing music.It is not necessary to compose a cantata, it may be an ordinary unpretentious melody of several notes.
When the music creates an emotional experience, in the body there are complex changes in the level of hormones and psyche, affecting the metabolism, respiratory and cardiovascular system, the tone of cerebral circulation.

In the rhythm of health

With music therapy can improve the recovery of brain function after a stroke.Music therapy helps with nervousness and autism in children.Accompanying family therapy, music therapy to enhance its effect.The main thing that the couple loved one piece of music.
Unlike traditional drug treatment, music therapy does not cause allergies, side effects and addiction.In everyday life, everyone listens to what corresponds to his mental state or mood.We set sounds, sounding in unison with us.The wider the range of acceptability in the music, the more varied music styles and directions that people listen to, the more healthy psyche and harmonious personality he has."Obsession" for a particular group or direction signals about certain personal issues that may be hidden in the depths of the subconscious.A variety of musical tastes, talks about the emotional stability.

However, be aware that most closely matches the body's proper tincture harmonious classical music.It may be works by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin.Here are some pieces of music, recommended for listening.It is of course a conditional use, you can supplement your preferences, on the basis of practical experience.

Healing Classics:

• Treatment of insomnia - "Valse Triste" by Sibelius, "Dreams" by Schumann.
• «Requiem" by Mozart, "Sonata for Piano №7» Beethoven, Part 2 - a positive effect on people who are in anguish and depression.
• Gastrointestinal gladly accept №7 sonata by Beethoven, Mozart.For example, listening to these works daily to improve scarring.
• Pain, including headaches, reduce audition pieces: Polonaise Oginski, "Hungarian Rhapsody" Liszt's "Fidelio" Beethoven's "Don Giovanni" by Mozart, Suite Khachaturian's "Masquerade»

Rules of music therapy

• Relax - Takecomfortable position.This helps to "accept" the full effect of the music.It does not matter whether we want to experience a calming effect and stimulating.
• Treatment of music must be such as not to cause fatigue and possible defensive reactions.Start with 5 or 10 minutes.Unusual music can initially cause the effect until the opposite.
• Calculate the volume.Minor volume should be chosen not only soothing, but also for stimulating music.Loud music tires nervous system.
• When listening to music, relax, after the medical procedure.It has a favorable effect on the mental balance.
• Sleep to the music during sleep, we are able to perceive the world around us at an unconscious level.Especially music therapy affects people restless and excited, which are difficult to relax while you are awake.