main group of drugs for the treatment of VSD

Drugs that are prescribed for vegetative-vascular dystonia, are divided into several groups: sedatives, drugs affecting the cardiovascular system, the means of influencing the central nervous system.

By sedative drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of VSD include:
- medications hawthorn and valerian ("Gerbion", "New Pass", "Persia", "Kardiplant»),
- drugs containing barbiturates ("Corvalol""Valocordin"),
- preparations with extracts of rosemary, peony, astragalus, Baikal skullcap,
- drugs containing bromides ("Sodium bromide", "Bromkamfora").
By means of influencing the cardiovascular system, include: antiarrhythmic ("Asparkam", "Panangin
"), antihypertensives (β-blockers, sympatholytic) preparty promoting cerebral circulation ("Vinpocetine").

Drugs affecting the central nervous system:
- antidepressants ("Azafen" "Amitriptyline»),
- tranquilizers ("Grandaxinum", "Seduxen»),
- nootropics ("Piracetam»),
- neuroleptics ("Sonopaks""Meller»),
- hypnotics ("Sonnat", "doxylamine»),
- stimulants (caffeine).

Other medicines for the treatment of VSD

patient was also prescribed vitamins (group B, A, E), calcium supplements ("glycerophosphate calcium", "calcium gluconate"), antioxidants ("Mexidol" succinic acid), adaptogens(lemongrass extract, Siberian Ginseng, ginseng), diuretics ("Diakarb", "Lasix" drugs bearberry, nettle, cranberries, parsley, juniper).To improve the process of memorization and to reduce the excitability of the nervous system must be taken "Glycine".This product contains an amino acid, improves metabolism in the brain, resulting in reduced asthenoneurotic symptom of dystonia.Efficiency and application of nootropics, sedative effect.

as obschestimuliruyuschih funds at VSD can be used drugs kelp, fennel, thyme, dandelion, nettle, centaury.Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of IRR are "Pumpan", "Cardio-Grand", "Neurohel", "Kralonin."These drugs have sedative, antispasmodic, and vasodilatory effect.If the IRR is often a headache, weakness, dizziness and other neurological disorders, we recommend taking vasodilators - myotropic antispasmodics.With an increase in intracranial pressure to take diuretics (diuretic) in combination with drugs potassium.