There are several types of sedative pills, they differ in their effect, as have adverse effects on the ability to help deal with that or other nerve disease.

tablets herbal

most numerous, but also the weakest sedatives made from medicinal herbs.The advantage of such preparations is the almost complete absence of side effects that are possible only in rare individual intolerance.Herbal tablets can be safely used for the treatment of children.

The raw materials for these tablets using valerian root, hop cones, motherwort, mint and some other plants.Some manufacturers are mixed in a single tablet several herbs.These sedatives known as "Novopassit" and "Persia", belong to the class of herbal pills.

disadvantage of herb
al medicines is their poor efficiency, if the symptoms are pronounced, they are unlikely to help.

Drugs bromine

Brom has a good calming effect on the human body, so drugs based on it are quite popular.Long-term use of these drugs may lead to the accumulation of bromine in the body, leading to a decrease in efficiency, lethargy and apathy.Men taking drugs bromine can cause marked loss of libido.

Anxiolytics Anxiolytics or, as they are called, tranquilizers, it is more serious class of sedatives.They have a marked sedative and relaxing effect even in severe neurological disorders.Anxiolytics can suppress fears, remove the feeling of anxiety, have a hypnotic effect.

big drawback of these drugs is growing over time getting used: firstly, the patient is required increasing dose to achieve the desired effect, and secondly, to remove the drug all the problems can come back with a vengeance.Therefore, despite the fact that some of these pills are sold over the counter, they should be used only on prescription, strictly observing the recommendations for dosage and timing of administration.

best known anxiolytics such as "Phenazepam", "Phenibut", "Afobazol."


in Russian popular drugs on the basis of phenobarbital, they are really capable of in a very short time to calm the man, but at constant reception barbiturates can cause this drug addiction.Rare same method "valokordin" or "Corvalol" really great help to cope with the sudden nervousness.