Question medication while breastfeeding is relevant throughout the period during which the baby is totally dependent on the mother's health and the quality of its milk.

temperature rise for colds and viral infections - a serious reason to see a specialist, especially during lactation.Most often, nursing mothers as an antipyretic recommend "Paracetamol" or its equivalents, "Panadol" and "Efferalgan."

How safe is welcome "paracetamol" breastfeeding?

Today "Paracetamol" is the most secure and tested way to relieve fever, pain and reduce inflammation in SARS and colds.It is recommended by WHO for treating pregnant women and lactating mothers and infants between the ages of 3 months.

Prerequisite is the observance of the drug dosing and monitoring the individual response of mother and baby.Dosages and drug
administration intervals described in the instructions.For breastfeeding women, they are registered separately.

How to take "Paracetamol" nursing mother

«Paracetamol" take high temperature, as well as headache, toothache.Maximum safe for breastfeeding dose is 325 to 650 mg every 4-6 hours.

drink the medicine better immediately after feeding, then 4-6 hours, its concentration in the blood will be minimal, and the well-being of the child is almost not affected.Thus, the mother can recover and calm, and to continue breast-feed your baby.

Also, doctors are advised not to stop lactation during viral infection, it will strengthen the immunity of the child.Together with milk will receive a part of the maternal antibodies.Of course, receiving mum antivirals thus should be mandatory.

It should also be remembered that the self in such cases may be hazardous to the health of mother and baby.Therefore, the doctor should prescribe drugs.A mother should follow the child's reactions to feeding."Paracetamol" - the drug, and are allergic to it though rare, but still possible.

time when mom is breastfeeding, is a very important period in the life of the baby.During this period, the foundations for the future health of adults.Therefore, the ratio of mother to receive medicines to be careful and prudent.But it is recommended to use them under the supervision of doctors, even those familiar as "Paracetamol".