problem of lack of ovulation younger.More and more women can not get pregnant because of anovulatory cycles. Previously there were problems with ovulation in women before menopause, the lack of it today may suffer at the age of 25 years. reasons for single-phase cycle when no egg matures complete, may be different.According to experts, deterioration in the quality of food, increasing the introduction of synthetic products, harmful substances in the diet plays an important role.It reduces the quality of the air, as part of which there are many harmful gases, as well as not fully studied the effect of radiation cell phones and home appliances.In any case, these factors reduce the immune system, which causes frequent illness women viral infections, turning into a complication.We often take medication side
effects that lead to hormonal failure and lack of ovulation.Of all the means that cause ovulation can be identified 2 groups: medical and folk.

Drugstore means

Among the drugs for ovulation best considered "Clomid", "Ovarium kompozitum" and "Gormel.""Clomid" is considered a serious hormonal drug and should be taken only on prescription.It stimulates the maturation of the follicle.Before taking usually do ultrasound of the ovaries to prevent the formation of cysts.Self-administration "Klistilbegita" fraught with serious irregularities.

"Ovarium kompozitum" and "Gormel" - is homeopathy."Ovarium" issued ampoule and "Gormel" in the form of droplets.These drugs, at the correct reception should not be side effects, but the improvement occurs not immediately required for a result of long-term treatment (2-3 months).The course of treatment must be prescribed by a doctor, to independently make these funds is also not desirable.

Traditional recipes

Feedback from women for many, especially those who are not yet 30, and women at an early stage of the disease, well help folk remedies such as herbs.Herbalists recommend drinking rate infusions upland uterus and sage.Salvia drink in the first phase of the cycle for oocyte maturation and growth of the endometrium, and the grass upland uterus helps balance all the female hormones in the body, drink it the whole cycle. Borovoy of the uterus is found in many dietary supplements, which are indicated for the treatment of inflammatory and hormonal gynecological diseases. Many women said recovery cycle and ovulation in a month after taking these infusions.

Because even herbs can have side effects, the decision of which drug is right for you is to take the doctor, based on the analysis.