«rivanola" - a drug based on the ethacridine lactate and boric acid.It is used in medicine for disinfection and as a wound healing agent widely used in gynecology surgery, to treat skin and eye diseases microbial etymology and release it in the form of ointments, tablets, powders and powders for the solution.For cosmetic purposes was used solution "rivanola."The most popular it is as a means for removal of unwanted vegetation, both on the legs or arms, and face.

Where to buy a solution "rivanola»

If some few years ago, many wondered why a solution can not be bought "rivanola" in pharmacies, at the moment this problem practically does not exist.In general sale are all forms of release formula
tion, including solutions with 0,1% and 1% concentration of active substance.This wonderful tool can be found in most pharmacies or to order its delivery, and the cost it several times less than the price of cosmetic products that promise immediate effect in terms of removing hair from the skin, but often idle at all."Rivanola" is sold without a prescription.Moreover, it is possible to find and its analogs, e.g., "ethacridine" or solution may be prepared independently of the drug in tablet form.For this it is necessary to grind the tablets and dissolving them in distilled or boiled water at the rate of 10 mg per 1 liter of water.

Buy drug remotely, that is, the online pharmacies and online stores is not recommended, as there is a risk of acquisition of low-quality facilities that can harm health.

How to remove body hair with a solution "rivanola»

effectiveness of this drug in removing hair from the skin proved empirically, as can be read in multiple reviews of those who have already managed to use it.

optimum concentration of the drug to remove unwanted vegetation is 1%.Before the first treatment, preferably for several hours, it is necessary to test the sensitivity of the skin is not a drug and the absence of allergy to the components.To do this, a drop of solution is placed on the skin on the elbow and wash hands for 20-30 minutes.If the skin at the site of exposure to the drug is not flushed, and there are no negative consequences, then you can proceed to hair removal using "rivanola."

drug is applied to the place of growth of unwanted hair once a day.Gradually, the hair is lighter, thinner, their bulb weakens and they fall.Course, is the number of procedures can be selected individually depending on the color and texture of the hair.