Drug Usage "Albucidum»

active substance "Albucidum" - sulfacetamide.This compound belongs to the group of sulphonamides, it has antimicrobial activity.Sulfacetamide freely penetrate the eye tissues, stopping the development and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria."Albucidum" destroys streptococci, E. coli, staphylococcus, gonorrhea, chlamydia and others.

drug used to treat inflammatory eye diseases of infectious origin (purulent conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, inflammation of the ciliary edges of the eyelids).It is also used in infants for the prevention of acute purulent inflammation of the eye (ophthalmic). To prevent acute purulent inflammation of the eye (ophthalmic) newborn drip 2 drops "Albucidum" in each eye immediately after birth.Two hours later the procedure is repeated.

«Albucidum" 30% is used in adults, children prescr
ibed a 20% solution of the drug.The amount of the drug depends on the intensity of the inflammatory process.In acute inflammation "sulfacetamide" designate two or three drops in each eye, the drug dropped to six times per day.By decreasing the amount of inflammation reduces instillation.The drug is used to full recovery.

Sometimes instead of "Albucidum" young children may be given a 1% tetracycline eye ointment.However, it should be borne in mind that tetracycline - an antibiotic, and in large quantities it can have a negative influence on the child's body.

contraindications, side effects of the use of "Albucidum»

Eye drops "Albucidum" can not be used in the identification of hypersensitivity to sulfonamides.In the opinion, during the application "Albucidum" may cause irritation of the eyes (redness, burning, itching, eyelid skin, swelling, tearing).If you notice such symptoms should use a solution of lower concentration.In case of overdose "Albucidum" may cause eye irritation.In this case, the appearance of redness, lacrimation, eye mucosa edema, itching skin age is necessary to reduce the concentration of the drug and the amount of instillation.

impossible to avoid contact of the solution "Albucidum" and soft contact lenses, it could lead to a breach of their transparency.During the treatment of purulent inflammation of the eye soft contact lenses can not be used.In patients with hypersensitivity to glibenclamide either furosemide diuretic drugs belonging to the group of the sulfonylureas, you may be allergic reaction.During pregnancy and lactation "Albucidum" used with caution. «Albucidum" should be stored at a temperature 8-15oS, in a place protected from light.After the bottle "sulfacetamide" is opened, the drug can only be used within 28 days.

While the use of local anesthetics (procaine, tetracaine) antiseptic "Albucidum" weakened.The price of the drug is low, you can buy it at any pharmacy without a prescription.